The Launch of a New Venture

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It’s not easy putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard when you have a new article in mind. Do you find you suddenly have word blindness? Do your thoughts and ideas evade you? Do you wish there was someone there to help out?

Never fear, Write Wai is here. I have been working in words since I graduated with a BA (Hons) and have a passion for writing. As a teenager, I won the Star Letter Prize in ‘Jackie’ magazine and while working as a freelance with the BBC, I was part of a News Interactive team that won a BAFTA award. More recently, while freelancing with a commercial copywriting firm, I was part of a two person team who wrote an award submission for a large, business continuity firm. I am proud to say the software company, which does not want to be mentioned, won the top prize.

I have also worked as a journalist for Cumbrian Newspapers, The Middlesbrough Evening Gazette and the Derby Evening Telegraph and have had my work published in numerous other newspapers, magazines and periodicals. As a former journalist, I know how to write Press Releases that hit the spot and grab the Editor’s attention so that your news gets published.

My mission as the Owner Manager of Write Wai, a new copywriting and PR business, is to write excellent copy for satisfied clients or help you find the right words by proofreading and editing your copy. My services include: website reviews and copy, blogs, features, press releases, company profiles and brochures. Together we can find the right way to get your business noticed!

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