New Essex Club in The News

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School children who are trying out journalism in a new after school club are set to make the news.

A photographer from Colchester’s Gazette turned up to photograph members of the Junior Journalists’ Club, being launched by Essex PR and copywriter, Sally Anderson-Wai, for children aged nine to 11 years, at Elmstead Primary School, Elmstead Market, Colchester.

The owner of WRITE WAI PR and Copywriting Services, Sally, is a former BBC and regional newspaper journalist and is helping the youngsters to compile their own newspaper.

Club members will also learn about the media, what constituents a news story, how to compile one, how to take photographs for newspapers and how to conduct interviews.

‘It is well known that the standard of English is dropping nationally. The use of social networking websites and mobile phone text messaging is undermining children’s literacy skills,’ said Sally, who volunteers as a parent helper at the school. ‘I thought launching a Junior Journalists Club would encourage the members to write and help to improve their use of English and general knowledge.

‘Maybe one of these students will become a journalist in the future. Who knows? Nick Blaxill of Pulse Communications (Media) Ltd has agreed to lay out the newspaper for us.’

The club members will form an editorial team and pupils will be invited to take part in a competition to name the newspaper and design a logo. A mystery guest will be invited along to the club to be interviewed.

Club member, Annabel, aged 10, said: ‘I watch the news and sometimes read newspapers and might want to become a journalist so I thought this was a good after school club to attend.’

Parent Ibrahim Kalaji, whose son, aged nine, is attending the club, said: ‘I am hoping it will improve Ahmad’s writing and help him to pay attention to what is happening in the world around him, which is a good thing to know.’

Head teacher, Mr Clive Middleditch said he was delighted with the venture, which is in line with the national curriculum.

If you are interested in further details or in taking a photograph at the 10 week club at Elmstead Primary School, telephone Sally Anderson-Wai of WRITE WAI PR and Copywriting Services on 07956 977 994 or email Also see


Editors Notes

An article in the Telegraph stated many GCSE English students did not realise that phrases such as “get off of” and “she was stood” were grammatically incorrect.

Parents fears that the use of social networking websites and mobile phone text messaging is undermining children’s literacy skills.

Ministers have also complained many young people spend too much time playing video games and watching TV instead of reading books.

Sally Anderson-Wai studied at Manchester Polytechnic and Lancashire Polytechnic. After graduating with a BA (hons), she trained as a journalist with Cumbrian Newspapers and has worked at the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette and The Derby Evening Telegraphed. She was also freelance Broadcast Journalist at the BBC before becoming a magazine editor and a commercial copywriter and accounts manager.

She launched WRITE WAI PR and Copywriting Services in October 2013. Her husband is Chinese and she used his surname in her business name as she liked the pun.

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