Press Releases Work!



Natasha Worby's Gazette double spread 1.12.14

Press Releases can get your business publicity in newspapers or magazines, on television, radio and on websites which could have cost hundreds of pounds if you had paid for advertising space. It’s a way of getting your logo seen on national or even international news, attracting new clients to your business.

Writing Press Releases should be an important part of your marketing strategy for your business, along with social media, advertisements, newsletters, telephone calls and emails.

But why don’t all Press Releases get published? Anyone can write a Press Release and send it to the media, but not all of them are used. The skill is in the writing of a Press Release; knowing what to include and what to leave out.

WRITE WAI PR & COPYWRITING SERVICES has a high success rate in getting Press Releases published for clients.

Having previously worked as a journalist for more than 20 years for local and national media, Sally Anderon-Wai of WRITE WAI knows how to write a striking Press Release that will appeal to a news editor and get your company or ministry in the news. The evidence is that one of her Press Releases was published in 16 different places in the media and attracted a lot of attention for one business.

If you would like Sally to teach you how to write a Press Release, why not sign up to attend one of our Press Release Writing Workshops or we can do one to one training at your venue.

In workshops on Writing Press Releases we share some of the important strategies to use. We cover how to write a Press Release to get your business in the media, what to include, how to write an attention grabbing title, where to send it etc. If you would like to have a go at writing a press release for your business before the event, we can tweak it or give you pointers on how to improve it.

For details about our workshops simply email


Gazette cutting Jan24, 2014 Essex Chronicle cutting

Karen Thompson in the Ipswich Star thanks to WRITE WAI PR WRITE WAI PR success for Oliver Brock

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