9/11 Memories of a Working Mother

william and rory at london zoo 2003 2

It’s the anniversary of 9/11 and I remember that day so well. Today our prayers and thoughts are with those who lost loved ones.

Where were you when the terrorists flew the two planes into the Twin Towers in New York?

On September 11, 2001, I had just returned home from a Mother and Toddler Group with my two-year-old and my nine-months-old sons when we turned on the telly to watch Teletubbies and got the shock of our lives. I remember feeling stunned, not really believing what I was seeing, thinking it might a stunt or an optical illusion.

Less than 10 days later we were due to fly out to Hong Kong to a family wedding and I wasn’t sure whether it was still safe to fly. In the end up we flew and the plane was nearly empty. The kids were taken by the stewardess for a special trip to the cockpit to meet the pilot and came back to us with a bottle of champagne.

We had the holiday of a lifetime and got star treatment everywhere we went.

I hear you saying ‘Why is she telling us this?’

Well sometimes you have to take risks that other people wouldn’t. You have to believe in yourself and perhaps, like me, believe that a greater being will protect and guide you everywhere you go.

Nearly 12 months ago I took a risk. I’d been made redundant twice. All the positions that matched my CV were paying a pittance or out of a working mums reach in the city, so I decided to launch WRITE WAI PR & COPYWRITING SERVICES. Yes it was a struggle at first, but with belief in myself, help from friends, business coaches and other people in business, things started to take off and we are still here today, when one in four other businesses have failed.

I am not saying we are there yet, but sometimes, if there is something you feel a passion to do, don’t be afraid to step out and go against the crowd. It might be the making of you!

william and rory at london zoo 2003 2

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