Magazine Class Chat 2

Before Christmas is a good time to start thinking about your annual newsletters.

Newsletters give you chance to sing about your successes and to promote your services. It’s easy to send them by email rather than post using your lists of clients.


1, Think about who your target audience is and what they would be interested to read about.

2, Aim to have a few topics in different sections. It looks better to the viewer than a block of copy.

3, Lead with a strong story that will appeal to lots of people, followed by a comment by your CEO or leader.

4, Summarise what you are pleased with in 2014 and talk about what you have planned for 2015.

5, Keep it clean, simple, concise and jargon free to be effective.

6, Use the first person in an active voice rather than the third person.

7, Write compact copy and edit it so that it is free of jargon and the right length.

8, Think of it in terms of telling a story rather than delivering information.

9, Talk about your successes, any awards you may have won and what you have done or raised for charity.

10, Review your previous newsletters to collect your best achievements and look at your Social Media to see what had the   most interaction.

11, Try to get the message across about why your clients need your services, without being too pushy on sales.

12, Use any of those fabulous photographs you might have in your Facebook files and don’t be frightened to Photoshop them, if you feel confident.

13, Proofread your copy before you publish it or send it out.

14, When you are happy with the copy, now is the time to consider the layout and appearance.

15, Use a cartoon or infograph to break up the text.

16, Include news tidbits or offers that will be coming up

17, Include a call to action or ask for feedback.

18, Use your logo and include contact details and a link to your website.

If you lack the time to write your own newsletter or need advice, get in touch. We can help you do your newsletters for 2014 the WRITE WAI! See http//:www.writewai.com

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