Facebook is getting stricter on businesses promoting themselves on Facebook.

The social media network is aiming to penalise marketing posts on Facebook (FB) from January 2015, so your promotional posts will be less effective and seen by fewer of Facebook’s 1.35billion global users, unless you pay for a FB advert or to have your post boosted.

WRITE WAI promotion pic

WRITE WAI promotion pic

Personal FB accounts which have a business name are being asked to revert to a proper Christian name. For example, I had a personal account called Write Wai and a business page called WRITE WAI, but I have been asked by FB to put the personal account into my name, Sally Anderson-Wai. It was something that I had already decided to do to avoid confusion for followers, but it was still a surprise for FB to insist I did it.

One of my clients has had to do the same, but to get around the problem we have created a new business page for her using the former name of her personal account, which was different from her business’s name.

FB are saying that businesses ‘should expect their organic distribution (i.e. where you haven’t paid for advertising) to fall significantly over time.’

This means that business owners wanting to grow their enterprises will have to work more smartly on their content and be careful that their posts adhere to FB rules.

FB define promotional posts as:

Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app

Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context

Posts that reuse the exact same content they’re using in FB ads.

Look up the rules on FB, if you need any further information on the new regulations or get in touch for some free advice via http//

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