WRITE WAI's 2015 greeting

WRITE WAI’s 2015 greeting

What a fantastic year 2014 has been for WRITE WAI PR & WRITING SERVICES. We started the year with a handful of client but a keen desire to prove we have what it takes. In January, we featured in a national magazine, in the local Gazette and launched a Junior Journalist’s Club at a Colchester school.

In March, our Easter photography competition on Facebook proved so successful we gained entries from around the country and as far afield as China and Bangkok. The adult winner, Melissa Mills of Colchester, and the child winner, Bridey Mulhall, aged eight, were presented with large chocolate Easter Eggs.

Over the months our business gradually grew, and in April we held our first Press Release Writing Workshop with a dozen attendees. It proved so successful that attendees requested further workshops and we were overwhelmed by new bookings. As a result of attending the workshop, several clients had their press releases tweaked by us and they went on to have them published in various media. One attendee managed to gain a column on a national magazine as a result of the knowledge she gained at the workshop.

WRITE WAI shared a stand at the first Colchester Means Business Exhibition in May and we gave our first presentation at the TLGC Tendring. Since then we have given several presentations and talks to various network and organisations.

In July, we launched a writing competition for secondary school pupils along with Tutor Doctor Colchester North, supported by the Gazette. We also held our second successful Workshop on Blogging For Business.

On October 3rd, we celebrated our first year in business by holding our ‘Crafting Creative Content’ workshop. This gained 8 to 10 out of 10 for content from all of the attendees. We were also invited to speak at all three of the Biz’ee Mums Biz’ee Women networks and to Colbea Business Enterprise BIG Members. We were also the expert on a ‘Meet The Expert’ live discussion on Facebook.

Judging the many entries to our writing competition in November proved a difficult task. We had entries from across North Colchester, but finally Sally Anderson-Wai of WRITE WAI and James Cracknell of Tutor Doctor Colchester North separately came up with the same top three winners. That month, we also attended Chelmsford Business Showcase.

In December, Colchester’s Mayor, Councillor John Elliot presented the winners with their prizes. Erin Smith,14, won a Kindle Fire and her school, Thurstable, was awarded £100 in Amazon vouchers. Bethany Hollis,13, of the Colne Community School, came second and was given £50 and third place went to William Cox of Colchester High School, who received £25. All three winners were given a tour of the Gazette offices in Colchester, they sat in a News Conference and their articles published in the Gazette. In December, Sally also attended a photoshoot for a national newspaper.

During 2015 we had over 46,000 of and we helped several business gain publicity in various local and national media.

January promises to be a great start to 2015 as Sally Anderson-Wai is to feature in an article in a national newspaper and if we can do it for us, we can do it the right way for you too!


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