When creating an advert for your business, you need to create something that will attract the attention of your target audience and sell your services or goods.

WRITE WAI PR & COPYWRITING SERVICES was recently asked to place an advert in a publication, so we decided to share the process of creating an advert with you.

Firstly, like anyone considering placing an advert, we had to decide whether the magazine would be read by the customers we are trying to reach. Then, like you, we had to write the words, find the pictures and headlines that might attract attention to bring in new leads.

Here are the top tips for creating an advert:

1, Design your advert so that it attracts attention

2, Make your advert stand out

3, Use snappy and catchy words that will be remembered

4, Avoid Clichés

5, Be convincing

6, Make the viewer feel time is of the essence and have a call to action

7, Create an appealing design

8, Check your advert for mistakes

9, See if your advert works by testing it

10, Have stock or services ready to meet demand.

When creating your advert, you need to consider what would interest your target consumer.

We decided that our target consumer would be another business that would want to gain leads and make sales through our copywriting skills, so we came up with the words:

‘Writing the right words in an effective way to get you the best results, more publicity and greater sales.

We think this works because it plays on the words WRITE WAI, and aims to convince readers that we use the ‘right words in an effective way.’

Our prospects are businesses aiming to get results, publicity and sell their products and services. The words ‘best’, ‘more’ and ‘greater’ were used in quick succession to emphasise that we are aiming to bring in new clients through our well written copy for our clients.

The photographs you use should be ones that you have the copyright for, that are part of your branding and that are recognisable to your clients. We used a headshot of our MD Sally Anderson-Wai which is already on our website (

We also asked the designers to use our logo and a few other words about our services etc.

First design for WRITE WAI's advert

First design for WRITE WAI’s advert

You need to check the advert that is created before it is used.

 The first advert that was created for WRITE WAI PR & COPYWRITING SERVICES was too busy and crowded with words.  Also, instead of using the logo, the designers had just lifted the header off our website and plonked it on the advert.

Sometimes less is more!

We asked the designer to remove some of the words, take off the header and make the images larger.


Sally Anderson-Wai was formerly the editor of a magazine and knows what works visually and how to write words that work.

The new advert gives a clearer more professional message, don’t you agree?

 If you need help designing an advert for your business, get in touch by telephoning 07956 977 994 or via our website

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