Do you deserve a Star Award? Do you have an interesting story to tell? Or do you know someone else who does?

Women who given their time, money or energy free of charge for their communities can be nominated for a special award. Females from all walks of life qualify to be nominated, you just need to have done something for someone else.

You can nominate (by March 30th) your sisters, mums, cousins or aunts, friends or neighbours for their selfless services and sacrifices for others. LIFT EFFECTS, an organisation that hosts conferences, seminars and workshops to provide a platform for speakers with extraordinary stories to tell, is looking for nominees. The winners will be presented with a Star Award at ‘The Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference’ on Saturday May 16, 2015, at Fairfield Halls, London.

‘If you know anyone like these ladies, please nominate them for their selfless service and sacrifices,’ said Sandra Nelson, the founder of Lift Effects. ‘The primary source of funding for this conference has been from my personal financing and what started from a simple idea to give back to those ladies changing lives and empowering women expanded suddenly and the response has been overwhelmingly great.’

The Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference looks set to be a fantastic event with 14 speakers and three singers.

The ladies who will be speaking at the ‘The Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference’ are not professional orators, but are real people with true life, moving, powerful stories of their personal journey and experiences. It is a conference aimed at empowering people with HOPE, PASSION, ASPIRATIONS, TRANSFORMATION and CHANGE.

‘The greatest legacy we can leave is to leave things better than we found them. The greatest purpose and dream is that which involves helping people,’ said Sandra.

To nominate someone all you have to do is email the details about your nominee and why you are nominating them to


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