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We are rallying businesses together to help the disabled and disadvantaged.

As a celebration of Mother’s Day, Sally Anderson-Wai, the Managing Director of WRITE WAI PR & COPYWRITING SERVICES has rallied local businesses belonging to her network, Media Moguls, to raise money for the disadvanged and disabled.

They will be boosting funds for Dancing Giraffe, an Essex based website that helps the disabled, run by Susan Pattrick, and Beacon of Hope. Beacon of Hope is a charity caring for orphans in the Congo, which was set up by Sally’s friend, Bagamba Araali, a former Essex University student, and his wife, Banage.

After finishing his studies in Essex, Bagamba and Banage returned to the Republic of the Congo, and were appalled by the number orphans fending for themselves following the troubles in their country. Some were living off unripe wild fruit (see pics below). They set up Beacon of Hope to pay for the orphans’ welfare and education.

‘These poor orphans have no mums or dads to care for them, except Beacon of Hope. As a post celebration of Mother’s Day, on March 19th, we are going to be running a ‘You’re Special Ladies Pamper Evening’ at the Methodist Church, Wivenhoe, Essex, at 7pm, so that girls and women can can come along, be pampered, treat themselves by buying something, and raise funds for Dancing Giraffe and for the disadvantaged orphans cared for by Beacon of Hope,’ said Sally.

There will be free foot massages from Karen Thompson of Healthier Soles, facials from Beautician Catherine Hart, refreshments, a raffle with donated prizes and stalls with clothes, toiletries (Forever Living), beauty (Cathering Hart), nail treatment, jewellery (by Sparkly Place Jewellery) and gifts (by Jo Jo) and Age Legal Services. Red Memory Box has designed the posters.

‘Please support us as we try to support these worthy organisations. People can help by attending to be pampered, giving money, donating raffle prizes or a little of their time as a volunteer on the night. We thank you in advance,’ added Sally.

Bagamba was a member of the Methodist Church in Wivenhoe who supports his charity and has given use of their premises for the event.

Media Moguls was set up in July 2014 by Sally Anderson-Wai, MD of WRITE WAI PR & COPYWRITING SERVICES, as a free network so businesses can meet and share ideas (most other local business networks charge a lot to register or to attend). They meet once a month at Kingsland Church Cafe in Lexden, Colchester.

Sally and some friends organised a Table Top sale and other similar fundraising events a couple of years ago which raised £3,500 towards the cost of sinking a borehole in her friend’s village in Kenya, where people had to walk 8 miles to get water in the dry season. Her Kenyan friend, Mwikali Kavivya, did a sponsored marathon and also got help from her African friends in Colchester who raised a further £8,000. With the help of World Vision, the borehole was sunk last year.

For further details or to offer a prize, cake or to help contact: Sally Anderson-Wai, MD of WRITE WAI PR & COPYWRITING SERVICES

Tel: 07956 977 994 Email: Sally@writewai.com

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