‘Well Done Everyone!’

Phil Bingham best pic

Congratulations to Beacon of Hope and Dancing Giraffe who each received £100 from our fundraising efforts.

Thank you to all those who helped, donated or attended WRITE WAI’s You’re Special Ladies Pamper Evening held recently at Wivenhoe Methodist Church. A total of £118 was raised on the evening and this was topped up to £200 with donations.

Sally Anderson-Wai of WRITE WAI presented £100 to Phil Bingham, the UK representative of Beacon of Hope (pictured with the charity’s pictures behind). Beacon of Hope supports orphans in the Congo and was founded by Dr Bagamba Araali and his wife, Banage.

Susan Patrick pic

Susan Pattrick CEO of Dancing Giraffe, a website which supports disabled people, also recently received £100 from our fundraising efforts from Sally and Karen Thompson of Healthier Soles who helped organise it. Special thanks must go to Karen Thompson of Healthier Soles and Beauty Therapist Catherine Hart, who gave free massages on the evening and to Alyson Wilson of Red Memory Box for designer a flyer and for taking pictures at the event and to our stall holders Jade Hamnett, Liz Smith, Sacha Tiller, Lauren Richards, Jo Saunders and Tanya Allen.

Susan Patrick, who also had a stall on the evening, said: ‘I would like to thank Sally Anderson-Wai and Karen Thompson so much for providing Dancing Giraffe CIC with £100 following the pamper evening on 19th March. It was a great evening and the presentation was the icing on the cake. Many thanks Sally & Karen.’

Dr Araali said: ‘Thank you so much. May the Lord bless you for serving him this way.’

After studying a linguistics doctorate at the University of Essex, Dr Araali and his family returned to the Republic of the Congo where they were appalled by the number of orphans left fending for themselves after the troubles. They were led to establish Beacon of Hope which supports and pays for the education of the orphans.

All of the publicity and fundraising for this event was carried out as a token of love by all concerned for these worthy causes.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200


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