Starting Up on £1,000

Business Masterclass Experts at Weston's Colchester Business Centre Event, 2015.

Business Masterclass Experts at Weston’s Colchester Business Centre Event, 2015.

We were recently asked by a Business magazine how we would spend £1,000 to start up an enterprise for the first time.

Sally Anderson-Wai started WRITE WAI PR & COPYWRITING SERVICES offering bespoke website content, press releases, blogs, case studies and social media management etc. in October 2013. Since then WRITE WAI has grown and now serves businesses and ministries in the UK and overseas.



She told the journalist: “To start a business you must be prepared to put in a lot of time and energy and have a passion for what you do. When you are first starting up it takes a while before business starts flowing, so you need to be committed.

“I would recommend getting some business advice and planning some good marketing. Some business centres offer free advice for Start Ups and will equip you with the basic tools and techniques to start a business. They will show you, for example, how to research your market, how to identify your ideal customer, how to get to know your target audience and how to check out your competition. I was a journalist for more than 20 years after graduating, but before I launched WRITE WAI, I did several business courses and studied an NVQ in Sales, Marketing and Social Media. It increased my knowledge and expertise and it was a good way of meeting prospects.

“Before you even think about how to invest your £1,000, you also need to do your homework and established your unique selling point (USP). At this stage, I was very keen to get started but you need to get your foundations right before investing in your marketing, a logo, social media and building your website with effective SEO by using the right words written in the right tone to attract your prospects. That’s where WRITE WAI helps small to medium enterprises and we also offer free advice.

“Once you start booking clients, I would recommend providing a service above and beyond their expectations so they will rave about your services and tell everyone about the great work you do for them. For example, I wrote a press release for a software entrepreneur and got her a slot on national radio. She posted about it so much on her social media that we have had asteady flow of new leads as a result.

“I am passionate about writing and WRITE WAI endeavours to go the extra mile for our clients providing excellent PR and carefully crafted content to target leads and increase sales, so that customers are more than happy to recommend us to their friends and contacts.

“People buy from people, so building relationships with others is important, whether it is face to face or on social media. You need to establish yourself as an expert in your field so that people recognise you as the person to go to when they need help. If you have any funds left from your £1,000 after that, then use it for networking by attending groups or on the various social media platforms.”

For further details about WRITE WAI  tel: 07956 977 994 or see

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