We Are Now A CBN Europe Guest Writer

We feel privileged and honoured that WRITE WAI PR & COPYWRITING SERVICES’s owner, Sally Anderson-Wai has been invited to become a guest writer for CBN Europe.

CBN is short for Christian Broadcasting Network. It is a global ministry dedicated to spreading the word and love of God through media, prayer, and humanitarian aid.

Sally is a woman of faith and started ‘Sally’s Christian Blog’ in May 2012 to encourage people, to share Christian news, teachings and testimonies. It is a non-commercial website that has had more than 9,000 views from people in more than 100 countries across the Globe.

Sally's Christian Blog

The director of CBN’s UK and Ireland operations has sent an email to say he loved her blog “I Love Words’ on ‘Sally’s Christian Blog’ and he wants to use it as a forthcoming devotion. Mark wrote:

‘Dear Sally,

‘Thank you for your email and interest to join our team of guest writers! We would love to welcome you on board and write uplifting content that inspires, and points to Jesus and His words, the Father’s heart for us. We are looking for short, bite-size articles that will be a blessing for our readers at the start of their day.

‘I had a look on your blog and loved the article “I Love Words”. This would be a great example of what we are looking for. Could we use this in an upcoming devotion? We would put a link to your own blog page at http://theonlywai.com.

‘The person who is coordinating the articles for our website and social media is Paula, I have copied her in on this email. ‘Please send her any new articles for review and publishing.

‘Again, thank you for your willingness to help us and share your articles with the world!

‘With every blessing,


Sally said: ‘I am already a guest blogger on a number of sites connected with PR & marketing in the UK, but I am absolutely thrilled and feel blessed to be invited to be a guest writer for a world wide organisation like CBN Europe to write on a subject close to my heart.

‘We must be doing something the WRITE WAI!’

If you would like WRITE WAI PR & COPYWRITING SERVICES to write a blog for you, please contact us via http://www.writewai.com or telephone +44(0)7956 977 994.

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