Who Wants To Be On Television?

Are you looking for some free publicity?

Well the makers of Eat Well For Less? Are looking for people who would be interested in taking part in a new series called Shop Well For Less?

Are you one of those people who can’t stop splurging out on things? Do you always manage to blow your salary before the next Pay Day? Are your family in despair of the way you spend all of the time?

The BBC producers of Shop Well For Less? want to hear from families whose cupboards and wardrobes are bursting and who would like to know how to shop more cleverly and save a packet. You and your family would have to be prepared to step into the limelight but you could have your moment of television glory and get your business mentioned.

If you are interested in putting your name forward telephone 0117 970 7656 or email shopwell@rdftelevision.com


Here is our moment of glory, when Sally Anderson-Wai owner of WRITE WAI PR & COPYWRITING SERVICES appeared in the Mail on Sunday.

WRITE WAI IN THE Mail on Sunday


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