Happy Chinese New Year


We hope 2016 was an excellent year for you, as it was for Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services.

Chinese New Year is upon us and is a good time to review your successes and work out what worked well.

2016 will go down as a year of growth for Write Wai during which we made some great connections with some inspiring businessmen and women. Some of whom went on to use our services or we have used theirs.

13600106_1127142557344740_802170867296871854_nWe’re extremely proud that during the last 12 months 100 per cent of our press releases were used in one or more media outlets gaining excellent publicity for our clients, new leads for them and sales worth thousands of pounds.


Write Wai also featured in various media and we were appointed to be an ambassador for Colbea Business Enterprise, which encourages and supports new and existing businesses.

We also won an award and were shortlisted for another and enjoyed a glitzy day out on the Thames mixing with other businesses and VIPs.


 It was great to encourage young people in their writing skills with our third annual writing competition. This year’s competition was run jointly with Essex Business Award Winner, Kids Backs 4 The Future (and was supported by the Gazette Colchester).

1 WRITE WAI handing over money to Betty

In the last year, we also organised or supported fund raising events for charities or ministries, Write Wai became members of the Essex Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Federation of Small Businesses and were invited to a Parliamentary Reception to support the campaign for the widening of the A120.


We would like to thank you, as we couldn’t have done any of this without the support of our business coach David Betts, our clients, business contacts, friends, and family.


We hope you, your family and business are blessed with wealth, health and happiness in 2017.


Owner of Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services

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