Kids Win Prizes in Our Writing Competition

2write-wai-pr-copywriting-services-winners-2017Teenagers touched on depression, diet and cancer to win the top prizes in our ‘Get Healthy Writing Competition’ run by Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services, Kids Backs 4 The Future CIC and the Gazette.

It is the third writing competition organized by Sally Anderson-Wai of Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services’ for our young budding journalists, supported by the Gazette, and this year they have joined forces with Kids Backs 4 The Future CIC, and Marathon School Supplies were a sponsor.

Sally said: “In our digital age where standards of English seem to be falling, we feel it is important to encourage young people in their writing skills. As a former Health Reporter for various media before launching Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services, I felt a health theme would be a good topic for the competition, especially as Kids Backs 4 the Future CIC were running the competition with us this year. We are delighted with the entries from across Colchester and had a difficult job choosing the winner.”

Lyndee Oscar, founder of Kids Backs 4 the Future CIC, said: “Millions of pounds are spent each year on patients suffering from ill health that could be prevented. Currently there are ¼ of young people suffering from regular/ daily back pain. Understanding about living a healthy life, physically and emotionally is essential at a young age and should be enforced throughout schooling and beyond.”An osteopath for 25 years, Lyndee has seen a dramatic increase in younger people needing treatment for back pain, a lot of which can be prevented.

Sally added: “Our ‘Get Healthy Writing Competition’ is a great way of starting a journalism career, especially as the top three entries will be published in the Gazette. We hope some of our winners may go on to become journalists or writers.”


The winning entry was Chloe Gregory (14) from St Helena School who wrote about depression. It included a personal account of her family’s experiences. Second place went to Jade Bethany Fleur North (13) from St Mary’s School, who discussed how a childhood love of visiting our infamous Colchester zoo resulted in a meatless diet lifestyle and the third prizewinner was Angelica Hedges (14), also from St Mary’s. Her topic highlighted cancer awareness and our local resources.


The competition was judged by Sally and Lyndee, who highly commended all of the entries.

They said: “It was a great inspiration to get our young people thinking about, researching and writing a wide range of challenging health issues, which was very admirably. We would like to thank all of the parents who supported their kids, the Gazette and Marathon School Bag Specialist, and It was an honour to have Colchester’s Deputy Mayor, Councillor Gerard Oxford presenting the prizes.

The prizewinners enjoyed a tour of the gazette.

Their Prizes included a Fit Bit gadget and £70 of vouchers sponsored by Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services and Kids Backs For The Future. Marathon School Bag Specialist sponsored the Chiro Pak Spinal Endorsed Spinal Protection Backpack.


Who We Are:

Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services: A journalist for 25 years, Sally Anderson-Wai launched Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services to write digital content and corporate literature for businesses and Christian ministries. Sally held Junior Journalist Clubs at Elmstead Primary School to encourage young people to take an interest in current affairs and writing.After graduating, Sally worked on various regional newspapers, at the BBC and was an editor of an international magazine and has won various awards. She is an ambassador for Colbea Business Enterprise and is on the Board of Direction for Friends International at the University of Essex.

Contact details: Sally Anderson-Wai

Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services


Tel: 07956 977 994

 About KB4TF: To combat the problem of poor postural habits and musculoskeletal issues caused by technology and poor posture, Lyndee Oscar started her company Kids Back 4 The Future. This business has created Backcare Workshops Kids to provide children with information and exercises to improve their posture and prevent long-term back problems. Lyndee was a Countywide Essex Business Award winner in 2016 and is an ambassador for Colbea Business Enterprise.


For more than 27 years Marathon School Supplies Ltd has been supplying the highest quality bags and accessories and the best possible standard of service to top UK schools and retailers-email from a satisfied parent recently “I would just like to tell you that my son has just retired his C-PAK XL after more than 10 years of school and university carrying a constant heavy load of books in all weathers. It’s still in working order but the inside is somewhat frayed. A great bag! “

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