Why Have Your Marketing Done The Write Wai?

Well-written marketing material should be engaging, informative text, effectively expressing the unique calibre of your business’s aims, services or products.

Some business owners think they can write their own corporate content themselves. For a few this is true, but for most people it can be difficult and time consuming, especially if it is not one of your strengths. When you’ve rewritten something several times then minutes, if not hours, can fly by. When conveying confidence in your business there is an art to striking the right balance without underselling or overselling yourself.

Quality promotional writing is carefully crafted and will focus on revealing the value of using your business’s services and products, your culture, and your mission in a few short paragraphs. The calibre of the copy about you and your business reflects the calibre of your business. If it is badly written or contains grammatical errors or mistakes, it may create a bad impression with your prospect that what you have to offer is of low calibre.

Your current customers know that your business provides an excellent, professional service or products, but word of mouth can only go so far. At Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services, we can explain and publicise what sets your business apart in bespoke, alluring and cost-effective words to attract your target audience.

When you need writing for your blogs, website, leaflets or social media, don’t stress, because that’s exactly why Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services is here.

My name is Sally Anderson-Wai, and I’ve spent the last 30 years writing; firstly as a journalist and editor for regional, national and international media and more recently for marketing agencies. I worked as a Freelance Commercial Copywriter and Accounts Manager for various agencies before launching Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services, which has won several awards. Now I use these skills in my own business helping business owners tell their story.
Every business has its own unique story that is waiting to be told, and at Write Wai, we can tell your story well. And that’s not all; if you’ve already written your piece, we can tweak it and transform it into blogs, social media and press releases that stand out, setting your business apart from the crowd.
We provide fresh ideas, persuasive copy, effective PR and digital marketing material designed specifically for organisations to help them reach their objectives, target their audiences and win more sales. So don’t waste your precious time trying to write your own promotional material instead of doing what you do best, book the services of an expert, who will craft your copy for your marketing the Write Wai!
Call +44(0)7956 977 994 or email sally@writewai.com.
Check out Write Wai by visiting our website.


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