5 Top Tips For Taking A Good Selfie!

Being able to take a good selfie is vitally important for your social media, especially for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They act as visual evidence that you did what you said you did, were where you said you were or met who you said you met!

According to Wikipedia, “a selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a digital camera or camera phone…”

Ideally, you should aim to take as flattering a selfie as possible, from a good angle. You usually take one by holding your camera/phone at arms length, using a selfie stick or by pointing the lens at a mirror so you snap your reflection.

While managing our own and other business’s social media, Write Wai have become experts in the art of taking a good selfie, so here are our Top Tips on how to take a good selfie:

1, Make sure to face the light, to have fewer wrinkles, as shade will enhance any creases

2, Hold the camera slightly higher than your head to avoid having a double chin

3, Hold your tongue to the top of your mouth to sharpen your chin further.

4, Have a dark background, so your face is the main focus and just smile and click!

5, If you are with a friend, ask them to stand slightly in front of you, so that you look thinner!


Now share your selfies with us on our social media and let Write Wai know if these tips have helped you by emailing us via our website!!

Bishop and me selfie


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