Why Should You Use Quotes In Your Social Media? – 5 Reasons


People sometimes ask Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services, “Why should you use quotes in your social media?”

The answer is that quotes are memorable, they can appeal to people and your audience will engage with them if they strike a chord. By using quotes, you are also giving a message about what your own ethos or culture.

Here are 5 reasons why we believe you should use quotes in your social media works:

1. They are an easy way of creating content.
2. Using quotes linked to your niche will widen the focus on your business
3. They can demonstrate your expertise
4. You can also create images or montages with the quotes printed on them to engage your target audience visually and you can save them to use again in the future
5. They work.

Virgins’ founder, Richard Branson, is an advocate of using quotes and has whole pages of his top 10 favourite quotes on various subjects on his website. Others are now doing the same thing too!

If you really want to show off your knowledge, you can create your own quotes and put them on images with your website address added at the bottom. That way if people share them they will also be promoting your business. Try it and see.

Finding relevant quotes is easy. Just search for them on the Internet or in books. Here are few good place to start:
Richard Branson’s website,

Travis Bradberry’s LinkedIn Pulse

and Brainy Quote.

For other top tips for your content, marketing or social media follow this blog or see Write Wai’s website.

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