5 Reasons To Freshen Up Your Content and Business Collateral

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We’re having some perfect weather at the moment. It’s that time of year when you might think about spring cleaning the words on your website, on your profile, social media or in your leaflets and brochures.

When you spring clean your cupboards you sometimes find something that you loved but have forgotten about and it is the same with your content. Here are 5 reasons you should consider freshening up your marketing:

To Improve your Google juice

Google loves fresh content and reviews what you do online to assess your ranking in searches for businesses in your industry. Why not give your company a better chance of being found by your prospective clientele by rewording your website with new SEO copy or reviewing your digital marketing and blogging strategies?

To improve your “shop window”

Your regular customers will notice the difference when you post new words, images or change your layout design. Try reading over your website with a fresh pair of eyes or asking a trusted friend or colleague or us to review it. You might notice services or products that are outdated or have new ones that you wish to promote more prominently. It is best to engage a professional copywriter or graphic designer to help you for the best results.

To look more professional

Whether it is your company or your personal profile, nothing reads better than a well-written copy to give a modern engaging edge to your online presence. Creating concise and coherent statements will bring a more professional look to your website and your business.

Review what works best

Look back over your blogs and posts, there might be something there that you can revamp, reuse or repost. Analyse your data and see which posts or blogs gained the best interaction and use that information to improve your marketing strategy. What you thought worked best in the past might be different to what is engaging your readers in the present.

To improve your business collateral

As business owners, we take pride in our newsletters, leaflets and brochures which demonstrate our products and services, don’t we? When did you last take a close look at yours? Bad punctuation and grammar or a poor design can create a bad impression to new prospects and can look unprofessional. Your business collateral might have become too familiar or seem outdated to your regular contacts and clients, so the impact is lost. Why not consider having new words written and a new brochure designed? We’ve found Write Wai’s brochure attracts attention at exhibitions and has led to new clients.

Take a look at our portfolio page for examples of some of our work and get in touch if you would like a quotation. Click here!


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