Mark Your Business Milestones – We Are!


Memorable milestones need to be marked and you can do this in a number of ways. They offer a golden opportunity to boost your marketing with a purposeful strategy. You can celebrate a business anniversary or award, for example, by sending out a press release, by holding an event like a party, by sending a newsletter to your clients and contacts, with a special advertisement in local or national media, by offering a special discount, with a dedicated video or photographs to mark the occasion or you can compile a unique montage to illustrate a special post on your social media…or all of these!

We’re celebrating the 5th Anniversary of being in business for Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services and we’re considering the various ideas above. We used this business anniversary to plan a special social media strategy for the week before and the week after. It attracted lots of extra likes and comments which raised Write Wai’s profile, reminding previous clients of the great work we had done for them and prospects that they needed to book our services.

We also created some special montages to mark our achievements. We’ve enjoyed reminiscing while creating these montages illustrating some of the highlights from Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services’s first five years in business. During that time we’ve helped numerous businesses gain more publicity, extra leads and increased sales. We’ve appeared in national publications, on national radio, national television and international websites. We’re about to launch our 5th writing competition for schoolchildren, we’ve won several business awards, gained extra qualifications and helped to raise thousands of pounds for various charities.

It’s been challenging yet greatly satisfying. We must be doing something the Write Wai!
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