Work today for a better tomorrow

1sally anderson-wai then and now

I never considered myself to be a woman ahead of my time when I started my writing career many moons ago, but looking back I was the only woman working full-time as a reporter for Cumbrian Newspapers in their Whitehaven office. I was often overlooked for the more interesting stories and when I brought in the best one of the Century (the last deep coal mine closing in Cumbria after a tip off from my Dad who worked there), it was given to a male colleague. I kept my head down, my ear open and my mouth shut and just stuck it out.

Nowadays, females are being acknowledged as being just as capable as men in all industries. Women are campaigning for equal pay and thankfully more are being placed in positions of leadership. But it’s up to the young women of today to do all they are capable of to gain the top jobs of tomorrow. Parents need to train their girls up to believe in themselves, and to think that they can do anything they really want to, and then a real change might be seen in the future.

I worked my way up the ladder the hard way, one rung at a time, starting as a junior on a regional newspaper. Then after several specialist and chief reporter roles in various regions, I worked as a national broadcast journalist, before becoming the Editor of an international magazine. I then chose to work for a number of marketing firms to suit my family life.

Now I run an award winning PR & Copywriting business. Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services helps businesses and Christian ministries gain more publicity, better leads and greater sales by writing press releases, blogs and managing businesses’ social media etc. As I’m celebrating my 5th anniversary in business, I would like to encourage women (and men) everywhere to achieve all that they are capable of. Be the best you that you can be!

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